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acu-rite Regional Technology Seminars

Stay ahead of your competition by attending a FREE Regional Technology Seminar at King Machine - September 25th 2019

Come see what the ACU-RITE brand of digital readouts and CNC retrofits for knee or bed mill has to offer. Increase your efficiency and profitability with the latest in technology and features offered in the ACU-RITE brand. This FREE technology seminar will show you ways to increase your manual machine tool needs with the newest readout systems in the market or enhance your milling machine operations with the simple conversational CNC retrofit MILLPWR G2 package.

We invite you to attend the morning session, “stay for lunch,” and if you have specific applications/programming questions, attend the afternoon session.

Every company that attends will be entered to receive a special promotion offer on their next purchase of ACU-RITE brand products.

Advance registration is required! ** Note the deadline to register is September 18th.


9:00AM: Registration
9:15AM: Welcome and Company Overview
9:30AM: ACU-RITE Digital Readouts: Features and Benefits, Machine Tool Applications, Hands On
10:30AM: Coffee Break
10:45AM: ACU-RITE MILLPWR G2: Features and Benefits for Knee and Bed Type Milling Machines

12:00PM: Open to all attendees from both sessions

1:15PM: MILLPWR G2 and Digital Readout Advanced Feature Review, Part 1: Based on YOUR Application/Programming Needs (as specified on registration form)
2:30PM: Coffee Break
2:45PM: MILLPWR G2 and Digital Readout Advanced Feature Review, Part 2: Based on YOUR Application/Programming Needs
3:30PM: Open Discussion
4:00PM: Adjourn


2019 HAAS DEMO DAYS     JUNE 12 & 13, 2019 | 10-4 both days | Barbecue lunched served 11-2pm each day


JUNE 12 & 13, 2019 | 10-4 both days | Barbecue lunched served 11-2pm each day


The Haas TRT100 is the Perfect Solution for Small Footprint Machining Centers

The Haas TRT100 dual-axis trunnion table provides high-speed, accurate performance for 3+2 and full 5-axis machining of small parts. Its small size and high-speed axes make the TRT100 the perfect solution for small footprint machining centers.




The UMC-750P is a 5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center with 30" x 20" x 20" travels and a unique arrangement of the rotary axes. The machine is equipped with a powerful 8100-rpm inline direct-drive spindle driven by a 30-horsepower vector drive system, and comes standard with a 40+1 tool side-mount tool changer.




The Haas CM-1 Compact Mill is a small-footprint, high-accuracy solution for high-volume production and prototyping of small, high-precision 2D and 3D parts, such as those found in the communications, aerospace, medical, and dental industries.






The Haas CL-1 Chucker Lathe is ideal for dedicated small-part production, second-op parts, or short runs and prototyping. The 8-station tool turret provides fast tool changes for short cycle times.




Faster, smarter, and better looking,
with the goal of keeping your spindle turning.

Our Next Generation Control (NGC) is the latest update to the machine tool industry’s most user-friendly CNC control. We have significantly improved the user interface, with a more consistent and intuitive navigation experience, vastly improved connectivity, and an all-new Visual Programming System.

Standard Features

  • 1 GB Program Memory

  • Power-Failure Detection Module

  • Ethernet Connection

  • HaasConnect Mobile Monitoring

Optional Upgrades

  • 32 GB or 64 GB Program Memory

  • WiFi Connectivity

  • Visual Programming System (VPS)

  • Dynamic Work Offsets (DWO) &
    Tool Center Point Control (TCPC)



The Next Generation Control has the ability to send you, and others you designate, Email and SMS text notifications about the operating status of your Haas machine. Set up is simple and easy through the MyHaas Portal and website. HaasConnect is free with every new Haas that has the Next Generation Control.

  • Make the connection with *HaasConnect.

  • Get your machine status notifications anywhere

  • On any device.

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On March 2oth, America's first F1 team in three decades will make it's first competition debut in the Australian Grand Prix.



New HAAS DT-2 & DM-2

DT-2  $59,995.00
DM-2 $69.995.00

Call us today to find out about these NEW machines.

King Machine Inc.
Phone: (208) 345-9600


Find Out What's New and Improved on the Haas Mini Mills

The newly redesigned Haas Mini Mills have improved upon the industry's most popular small footprint VMC. With a focus on improving ease-of-use and enhancing the productivity of the operator, the Mini Mills have received a re-engineered full enclosure, a vastly improved coolant tank, and a better coolant and chip management system. Popular Haas options – such as a faster spindle, enclosure exhaust, and oil skimmer – are now available. For improved visibility and safety, the Mini Mills now feature LED work lights, and high-impact safety glass in the operator door.

8-31-15 (Video)







The Redesigned and Upgraded TL-1 & TL-2 Toolroom Lathes

Since their introduction, the Haas TL-1 and TL-2 Toolroom Lathes have been popular machines for start-up shops, schools, and manual shops transitioning to CNC. They are affordable, easy to use, and offer the precision control of the Haas CNC system. Equipped with the Haas Intuitive Programming System, the TL-1 and TL-2 are easy to learn and operate - even without knowing G-code - and manual machinists will transition quickly and easily into full CNC. 

The TL-1 and TL-2 have been completely redesigned, and are now better than ever, with new enclosures and higher overall performance. The TL-1 has a maximum capacity of 16" x 30", while the TL-2 has a maximum capacity of 16" x 48". Both have a 20" swing over the front apron, and now feature an A2-6 spindle nose that accepts an 8" or 10" optional 3-jaw manual chuck, and has a 3.0" bore



Reduce Setup Time Using the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System

The Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) guides the operator through the job set-up process with easy-to-use templates. WIPS has the ability to define work offset coordinates, set tool length offsets, and perform in-process inspection within the program. (Video)