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HAAS Machining Centers


HAAS Model: DT-1

Drill/Mill Center; 20" x 16" x 15.5" (508 x 406 x 394 mm), 40 taper, 15 hp (11.2 kW) vector drive, 15,000 rpm, 2400 ipm (61 m/min) rapids, high-speed 18+1 side-mount tool changer, power failure detection module, 1 MB program memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 45-gallon (170 L) flood-coolant system. Anchor kit highly recommended for installation

Starting at $ 51,995.00
FOB: Oxnard, CA

Availability: 1-2 Weeks

** Availability on a DT-2
   Stock Meridian **


  • With 10% down your estimated monthly payment would be $1,097.00 for a DT-1  machine!


Check out the NEW Haas DT-2 & DM-2 Drill/Mill Machining Centers Here


HAAS Model: VF-2SS

Super-Speed Vertical Machining Center; 30" x 16" x 20" (762 x 406 x 508 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 12,000 rpm, inline direct-drive, high-speed 24+1 side-mount tool changer, 1400 ipm (35.6 m/min) rapids, 1 MB program memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 55-gallon (208 liter) flood coolant system

Starting at $ 61,995.00
FOB: Oxnard, CA

Availability: 3-4 Weeks


** Availability on a VF-4SS
    Stock Meridian **


  • With 10% down your estimated monthly payment would be $1,308.00 for a VF-2SS machine!



HAAS Turning Centers


HAAS Model: TL-1

CNC Toolroom Lathe; 16" x 30" (406 x 762 mm) max capacity, chip enclosure, 20" (508 mm) swing, 12 hp (8.9 kW) vector drive, 2000 rpm, A2-6 spindle, Intuitive Programming System, 1 MB program memory, memory lock keyswitch, 15" color LCD monitor and USB port. No workholding, toolpost, or toolholders included.

Starting at $ 26,995.00
FOB: Oxnard, CA

Availability: 6 weeks


  • With 10% down your estimated monthly payment would be $569.00 for this machine!


HAAS Model: ST-25

CNC Lathe, 15" x 21" (381 x 533 mm) max capacity, 3.0" (76 mm) bar, 31.75" (806 mm) swing, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 3400 rpm, A2-6 spindle, 10" (254 mm) chuck, 12-station bolt-on turret, 15" color LCD monitor, memory lock keyswitch, USB port and rigid tapping. Standard toolholder kit included with BOT or Hybrid turret

Starting at $ 58,995.00
FOB: Oxnard, CA

Availability: 4-6 Weeks


  • With 10% down your estimated monthly payment would be $1,245.00 for this machine!


HAAS Rotaries & Indexers

HAAS HA5C Rotary Indexer

5C Collet Servo Rotary Head with Manual Collet Closer. Requires Haas mill with 4th-axis drive for full 4th-axis operation, or a rotary control box for stand-alone operation.

Price $ 8,495.00
FOB: Meridian, Idaho
Availability: Stock Meridian





HAAS HRC160 High Speed Indexing Rotary Table

Want to cut your cycle time? Haas Automation offers the HRC series rotary tables for customers who need complete parts in less time. HRC rotaries are made with a roller cam design, allowing for high indexing speeds and resulting in lower cycles times.

Key Features:

  • Roller cam design eliminates backlash
  • Servo driven for smooth, accurate motion
  • 45 amp drive is included with the HRC unit


  • 6 times faster than HRT rotaries, for reduced cycle time
  • 830°/second indexing speed
  • All chucks, fixturing, and tailstocks for the HRTs are also available for the HRC series

Return On Investment (ROI) Example:

  • 4% faster cycle time
  • Payback time: 3.5 months

Price $9,995.00
FOB: Oxnard, CA

  • Stock machines may have options that need to be quoted.
  • All machines are FOB Factory unless otherwise stated.

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